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UNDP Turkey:  This is the New Horizons Podcast prepared by United Nations Development Programme in Turkey. In this episode we talk about the private sector as an important partner in development initiatives and its important contributions to the development. Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey project, which has started at 2010 in Turkey, is ended a while ago. Global Environment Fund (GEF) financially supported this project and it also had many partners. General Directorate of Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources executed this project with the financial support of Global Environment Fund (GEF) and it is implemented by UNDP. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Turkish White Goods Manufacturers (TURKBESD) and Arçelik A.Ş are the key partners of the project. We talked to Fatih Özkadı, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director of Arçelik Group who had a great contribution to success of the project. He explained the role of the private sector in development initiatives. Fatih Özkadı tells about what they aimed to the with the Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey project: 

Fatih Özkadı: We started to Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey project in 2010 on December with Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkish White Goods Manufacturers (TURKBESD) and UNDP. Our first aim in the project was: to have the same regulations affecting our products about energy efficiency here in Turkey with the ones implemented in the EU. If a family uses an energy efficient refrigerator in Amsterdam today, a family from Afyon, İzmir or İstanbul should use the same energy efficient products. Otherwise, when the energy efficiency regulations started to be implemented in Turkey at a later time, non energy efficient products are entering and being marketed in our country. The implementation of regulations being in effect simultaneously with the EU was very important for us. 

UNDP Turkey: Arçelik has contributed a lot to the  Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey project's components, especially to the one about awarenss raising campaign. According to the survey results done after the awareness raising campaign, the awareness level about the cause and effect relationship between climate change and energy efficiency had increased 43 percent to 58 percent in the survey. Fatih Özkadı talks about what they had done with the project:

Fatih Özkadı: Of course, the critical issue was the training of sales people to answer the questions of customers about products. A customer come to store and want information about products like  A, A+, A++, A+++. It should be explained in a very good manner to customers. Salespeople should explain carefully how these energy efficient products affects customers bill’s positively. So we give a great importance to train salespeople. Another important issue was to have an effective market surveillance and monitoring mechanism. For that, there was a need for independent laboratories. So we cooperated with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). There were some laboratories in TSE for some products, some of it never existed. It was designed very quickly and today many products can be tested at these labaratories. Now, the public authorities can monitor the market and keep it under surveillance for the sake of fair and right trade. Here, our most important contribution was to prepare a public service ad which encourages customers to use energy efficient products.

UNDP Turkey: The most important output of project is to prepare a Laboratory Investment Plan for Turkish Standards Institute. As a result, laboratory investmets has started at Turkish Standards Institute. In Ankara facilities, washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer testing laboratory, in Pendik air conditioning test laboratory were built. We listen Fatih Özkadı from Arçelik, which also contributed to this process:

Fatih Özkadı: It is very important for private sector to involve in these projects which are implemented with public institutions and NGOs. Because private sector has a diffent dynamism and it reflects this dynamism to these projects in a positive manner. This increases the professionalism in the project and makes the monitoring of the flow, milestones, and promised works easier. In this concept, we gave a great contribution to Turkish Standards Institute’s laboratory construction. The main aim was to create an active market monitoring and surveillance. If a regulation and standard is agreed on and implemented, all stakeholders and companies should use and abide these and as a result use the energy labels in a correct manner. Of course somebody must be able to monitor these processes. Here in our country, TSI which has an important position in our country should be improved and developed from this point. We opened all the information we have in order to support the right investments. This infrastructure, after the laboratories are built, is of course not useful by itself. We had to work together in order to train technicians and engineers, in order to ensure testing is done according to the standards and regulations of the product and then in order to make the control of energy efficiency labels right. In this respect, we offerred our experts friends from our laboratories. The expert staff from TSI visited us and we carried out experiments for refrigerator and washing machine. We examined all standards and regulations. In this respect it has become an examplary work. I think, it is a proof of a good example that private sector has a positive effect in such a kind of projects.

UNDP Türkiye: Well, does Arçelik plan to support any other international projects? What are their next steps for energy efficiency in the global development community? Fatih Özkadı:

Fatih Özkadı: Firstly we are a global company. At Arçelik Group, we have factories in South Africa, Thailand, Russia, China and Romania. We export our products to more than 130 countries. 46% of the market for white goods industry is in Turkey, Middle East, Europe, parts of Asia and Arçelik is the second in this market. While doing these projects, we actually wanted to involve in other global projects as well. In this context, UNDP has introduced us the Sustainable Energy for all (SE4ALL) initiative.  We signed it right away as Arçelik. This opened a way for us to make similar projects in different countries. At the first stage, we made a project for South Africa with United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP).  Then we made a project for Thailand. These countries are so important for Arçelik because they have developing markets. We have seen that these countries do not have any regulation and arrangement about energy efficiency yet. Thereby we want to make similar studies which we did in Turkey for other countries with their public institutions. We signed it voluntarily. Now we make important studies in that area with our engineers and experts. There is also another valuable project which the World Bank supports. It is called Efficiency. Within the framework of this project, such works are also planned to be implemented in underdeveloped or developing countries, which have no regulations regarding energy efficiency. As Arçelik, we want to do these projects at a global level and become a volunatry ambassador of this cause. While we are doing this work we pay attention to innovation and sustainability. Now as we are doing the projects of the coming years, we want to produce integrated products which can talk to each other, as in coherent with internet technologies. Actually, what we are basically trying to do is to put our heart and commitment to the work we do and perform our duties properly to leave a better world to the next generations.

UNDP Turkey: We have come to end of the episode of New Horizons with the words of Fatih Özkadı from Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director of Arçelik Group. In this episode we talked about the private sector as an important partner in development initiatives and its important contributions to the development. This program has been recorded at the studio of Yodiviki in İstanbul. You can follow our program on FM frequency in İstanbul, on Açık Radyo (Open Radio) on Internet, on university radios in our broadcasting network, on iTunes, Soundcloud, TuneIn, Pure Connect, Yodiviki, Audioboo and TTNET Müzik in podcast format, and also on tr.undp.org. Our user name for social media is undpturkiye. Hope to see you soon, good-bye!
















The private sector's role in development

Fatih Özkadı, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director of Arçelik Group