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UNDP Turkey: This is the New Horizons Podcast prepared by United Nations Development Programme in Turkey. In this episode, we will mention about sustainable tourism, which is a very important study area for us.  Why UNDP Turkey thinks that tourism is so vital for development? Ceren Gökçe who’s the project manager of sustainable and community-based tourism projects tells the final situation of tourism sector.

Ceren Gökçe: This sector provides nine per cent of the world gross domestic product and provides jobs for each one of them. And also we’ll mention that one and a half trillion dollars of export volume the six per cent of world exports. And this is a sector which comprises thirty per cent of services exports. In 1950, international tourist number were 25 thousand while in 2014 this figure reached 1.13 billion in 2014.  And we consider that international tourist figure will reach 1.8 billion in 2030. And also we will expect that 6 billion domestic tourist are in same year. This people will travel around in their country. And now we move on why we are travelling. 70 percent of people in our country visited their relatives at last year. An important percent of people traveled for their health problem.  And only 8 percent of people traveled for holiday purposively. Hardly when we compare this figure with other years it’s obviously increases.  And it points out that tourism showing growth sector in our country.  When we look at where we stayed at we generally tarried at our relatives houses, summer houses and hotels. No substantial amount of 4 billion people were staying in the hotel. And this creates a serious business volume. It contributes to employment. While most entries in our country İstanbul and Antalya we've traveled to most of Georgia and Greece from Turkey. We've seen in our country, 0.8 percent decline in the number of domestic tourists. However, in the same period our abroad travels have increased 4.4 percent. So our income levels is increased and the curiosity affects us to go to the abroad. 8 thousand of people went to abroad. 9 percent compared to last year, an increase of 10 billion Turks, participated in travel activities. On an average we stayed at seven and half overnight and domestic tourism revenue of US $ 3 billion in the first quarter, we've left our country in the tourism sector. And when we look at how we were travelling 98 percent of people traveled with personal plan. Only 2 percent of us joined to package tour. And this shows us personal experiences are in the foreground for people. The different styles of tourism tendency are increased. A situation actually requires us to look a little bit different to this event. We have got more than 4 thousand facilities and a serious bedspace.

UNDP Turkey: In other words sustainable tourism undertakes a key role in sustainable and inclusive development for both our world and the change human’s live conditons positively. Ceren Gökçe explains the UNDP Turkey’s sustainable tourism consciousness with these words:

Ceren Gökçe: We are working on developing community-based projects with a thematic approach and the perspective of sustainable visitor management. As you know, our work space surrounding climate change, we have cross-cutting thematic areas. Private sector and gender mainstreaming. And we work with tourism under the sustainable growth. We regard sustainable community-based tourism as a tool for preventing the poverty and protecting to human development, environment, history and cultural values. We see the correct configuration as a tool. We know that it gives a contribution to prevent poverty, support to development and protect the environment when it is configured correctly and applied correctly. We have been working about sustainable community-based tourism very actively since 2007 aproximately ten years because we give a great importance to it and we regard it as a tool for sustainable local development. And we run these projects with important partners. We have a partnership with Culture and Tourism Ministry and Anadolu Efes since 2007. This trinity partnership makes our live very easy while we are running projects and it helps to increase the benefits of locality and it is really added-value to our projects.

UNDP Turkey: UNDP Turkey has run sustainable tourism projects with their shareholders since 2004. Ceren Gökçe talks about our shareholders who working with us and the future targets of tourism projects.

Ceren Gökçe: Let’s look at projects which is in tourism component in UNDP projects during 2004-2010.  We see 150 million budget. This portfolio had reached 30 millon dolars per a year at 2011. In 2015, we have more than 200 projects ongoing.  We prefer to act directly with our national partners to prevent poverty and sustainable benefits for the purpose of implementing the local development dimension at Turkey office. We have a working model which includes NGO’s, universities and private sector. In this directon we support micro enterprises in the development of the private sector, we also support the development of SMEs and different collaboration models. As I said shortly before on the basis of destination, namely creating an environmentally-conscious source of income by supporting the development of sustainable tourism and sustainable destinations we are primarily aiming to protect bio-diversity, next generations to benefit from the environmental and cultural values. Accordingly, we can positioning sustainable tourism actually as a tool which is appeal to many different mass and providing benefits to many different audiences. The sides are businesses, sector employee, host communities so local people, visiters so tourists. We see the environment and cultural heritage as a stakeholder as well. Also there is a future generation which we have seen them also one of a shareholder and we want to leave them in the balance of protect and use. In this context, sustainable tourism development dimension among all stakeholders of the socio-economic benefits provided by tourism are shared fairly, working to the emergence of an economic activity in which poverty is reduced. Actually we try to do create this.

UNDP Turkey: Well , what has achieved from the studies which UNDP Turkey has done since 2004? Ceren Gökçe

Ceren Gökçe: We have a Datur project which implementation was continued between 2007-2012 years. We have got Anatolia development tourism project which helds in Çoruh Valley İsbir Uzundere Yusufeli. In fact, a very good result was obtained with this project and Uzundere is declared as a tourism center. We had a common alliances program for cultural tourism in Eastern Anatolia which still continued in the same year between 208-2012. Here a very nice aplication and a very good cooperation model was on the agenda. It was a project which is going to run by the cooperation with UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Tourism Organization and 1000 Millennium Development Goals Fund. The Turkey office decided to move these to a different scale by the end of 2012. And a community-based sustainable tourism capacity building project is on the agenda of running it with Culture and Tourism Ministry together. This project is probably going to continue to the end of 2017.  And this project’s aim is to increase sustainable community-based tourism’s capacity of our ministyr in practice at central and provincial organizations. In this context, to develop the legal and financial capacities in our country and do some pilot studies.  Now we are working on 2 pilot projects. These are Cumalı Kızık ve Kemaliye;  Bursa ve Erzincan. The other project contains a little amount of grant component and it features the cooperation of public, private sector and UNDP. So we give a great importance to it. Future sustainable tourism tourism support fund. First and foremost, let me tell you the details of this project can be found at gelecekturizmde.com address. One of the projects supported in the past year was, 100 percent of Misia project which supports silkworm-breeding at Bursa Misi village. Seferihisar traditional kitchen project in Seferihisar, heritage Malatya Aslantepe'de Lion Hill project, Urfa, the world's oldest temple Göbeklitepe project in Safranbolu Safranbolu memorabilia project and Mardin in the creation project of sustainable tourism development in female leadership. Both this sixty projects we created some kind of models. This project’s main aim is to create models. At the en of this we saw some pleasing progression. For example Bursa Nilüfer Belediyesi embraces our silkworm-breeding project which tries to revival the village at Misi and they have spread to it a provincial scale. In the Safranbolu project we did so many researches about examining both guest souvenirs behavior, and the manufacturer's requirements. In the future we are going to move these results to national scale with a different figures. This year also many application has come to our grant calls. Actually we had a very hard process  while eliminating these projects. So many good projects had come. We decided to support 3 project like every year.  One of them is Edremit. It is a pomegranate woman project in field of gastronomy tourism and Erdemit’s traditonal tastes projects. The other one is that Keçiborlu district with Lavender Develops project. This is a rural tourism support. And also we support a project which name is Adana Saimbeyli discover your own butterfly. This is a ecotourism project. Again we will creating models. And upcoming period while we will working on these projects we know that it is also a responsible side which are shareholders; tourists. We are going to get deeper on it. If you want to get information about this issues you can reach us and also you can follow our web site.  You can access up-to-date information from there.

UNDP Turkey: We have come to end of the episode of New Horizons with UNDP’s Sustainable community-based tourism projects manager Ceren Gökçe. In this episode we mention about the sustainable and community-based tourism which is really an important study area. This program has been recorded at the studio of Yodiviki in İstanbul. You can follow our program on FM frequency in İstanbul, on Açık Radyo (Open Radio) on Internet, on university radios in our broadcasting network, on iTunes, Soundcloud, TuneIn, Pure Connect, Yodiviki, Audioboo and TTNET Müzik in podcast format, and also on tr.undp.org. Our user name for social media is undpturkiye. Hope to see you soon, good-bye!

















Sustainable Tourism and Development

Ceren Gökçe, Project Associate for Sustainable and Community Based Tourism, UNDP in Turkey