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UNDP Turkey: This is the New Horizons Podcast prepared by United Nations Development Programme in Turkey. In this episode, we will continue to tell inspiring women stories.  Zeliha Zilleli Ünal works as a project consultant for Energy and Energy Management Working Group at Aegean Region Chamber of Commerce. She is also a consultant to the ‘’ Energy Efficiency in Industry ’’ Project. ‘’ Energy Efficiency in Industry Project , which is implemented with the cooperation of Global Environment Fund administrated by the General Administration of Renewable Energy, UNDP, UNIDO, Turkish Standards Institution, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey(KOSGEB). She explains her work for the Energy Efficiency in Industry with UNDP and her efforts towards energy efficiency in industrial sector.

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal (00:27- 03:07): My acquaintanceship with UNDP goes back to 2008, "Integration of Sustainable Development with Sectoral Policies". One of the 23 projects in this program was conducted by EBSO. I was the project coordinator. The topic was increasing environmental consciousness in the organized industrial sites. Shortly after, I found myself in a point such that I was trying to solve issues in that sector with the help of my knowledge about the dynamics of both in energy and environment sector and project management skills. There was a time in my life having a lot of uncertainties both sectorial, occupational choices and my academic works. This project touched my life like a magic wand in that period of time. It allowed me to develop project management skills. With my newly developed skills within the context of that project;- and also in a women perspective- I prioritized that collaboration, working with other people and communication are significantly important, no matter what how complex the technical part is. In my master thesis, also in my current work, with the help of my experience with the UNDP, i chose the topic of ‘’ The Role and Importance of PR in Project Management’’. I shared my experience from the project with the UNDP proudly, as an example of this topic’s implementations. Currently, I am working as a consultant in the ‘’ Increasing Energy Efficiency in Industry in Turkey’’ project conducted with the cooperation of UNIDO and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Also in energy sector; UNDP is in a position such that it can be a solution and a provider of opportunity to solve issues at different maturity levels and UNDP is at every part of life. I believe that, this is true not only for me but for a lot of men and women in Turkey. I only explain what I see from my window. Special thanks to UNDP for that, to the whole staff and volunteers.

UNDP Turkey: We listen to Zeliha Zilleli Ünal. She is a member of Turkey Quality Foundation Aegean Region Awards Execution Process Executive Committee and doing her PhD in Ege University Communication Faculty. She is explains why working at project cycle management makes her happy.

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal (05:09- 06:57): In 2003, I worked in a UNICEF project about bringing girls back to school, ‘Haydi Kızlar Okula!’ In the pilot of the project, I understood that; no matter what the project is important, no matter how the cause is sacred, believing and communication among the team is important. It showed us that consideration of these issues are contributing to the sustainability of the project, also even in a hard project receiving much different outcomes are possible. In that project, with my familiarity with UNDP, it was important for me to see my skills and increase my self-confidence. Being a decision-maker in a sector and position that I have never guessed before, bringing in all the stakeholders together are joys for me. Because even if you don’t have any technic details, with woman judgement and social skills; you can get to the root problems. When you consider that the problem is due to lack of confidence between stakeholders and lack of culture; you can observe that most of the problems are solved. Especially, I observed that at high level meetings, we reach to a further point with our suggestions. I am at self-made-miracle side of my life. Without having no background, only with the project management perspective that I have gained through the UNDP project, being able to prioritize the collaboration; showed me that there are no problems to be solved. And allowed me to react much freely and courageous and acting much solution-oriented.

UNDP Turkey: We listen to Zeliha Zilleli Ünal. She tells her biggest challenge in industrial sector:

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal (13:30- 14:37): Actually, the hardest situation that we face as a women; facing with biases when entering new spaces. In fact, this is a male-dominated sector and you are bringing your opinions about that. Your acceptance period is longer, -you can see this well when you enter into this sector. But if you talk more realistic, knowledge-oriented, appropriate and timely, you acceptance period is rather short. When you look at a different perspective to the situations, your reputation grows and they consider you as a solution partner. Rest comes after that.

(07:37- 11:06): People dealing with the technical issues tend to overcome an obstacle, with an administrative blindness, and lose themselves in that cycle. This is a male-dominated sector. Even without any technical knowledge, suggestion of a lost item or a new perspective and approach is not easily accepted. Most important thing about the core is considered is the job itself. In any male-dominated sector, as a woman we have an opportunity to look at a more prudent, different window. When we don’t lose ourselves in details and try to see the whole picture, our contributions are so meaningful and critical issue solving-oriented. We should also be aware of this situation. It is possible for us to be helpful to the industries, which we participate in, by developing ourselves and communicating and consolidating our suggestions. Key element is to increase the self-confidence of women, about their own suggestions and contributing their different perspectives. We tend to build confidence and responsibility-oriented relationships. This makes a huge difference in business life. With right relationships, right places and right words we, women, can contribute to our society.

UNDP Turkey: We listened to Zeliha Zilleli Ünal. There is a significant potential in the increasing energy efficiency and decreasing the green-house emissions. Increasing Energy Efficiency in Industry, continuing since 2010, aims to improve the energy efficiency in industrial sector in Turkey by implementing precautions about the energy efficiency and encouraging the industrial establishments to the use of energy-efficient technologies. Zeliha Zilleli Ünal is an expert contributing to the success of this project. We listen to her:

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal (11:20- 13:00): Currently, a project, conducted by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, within the context of energy efficiency involving all industrial establishments will begin. Within the context of the energy efficiency project, which I am involved in, and with the experience of UNDP nd UNIDO in the relevant areas; 2 important experts, who have created the ISO 50001 energy management system standards, train 20 energy management system consultants. These consultants will share their experiences to the matched firms according to the implementation of ISO 50001 standards. This attribute positions this project to a different point. Because, in this project Turkey will raise her own experts. This, enables firms to adopt this culture. Within the context of this project, 300 women is involved and this is a sign of UNDP’s efforts towards increasing the participation of women in this sector.

UNDP Turkey: We listened to Zeliha Zilleli Ünal. She gives advice to the people who wants to work in industrial sector:

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal (14:57- 16:18): They shouldn’t be too modest. If they have knowledge, different point-of-views, ideas, they should share this. Because if you have any biases as; men have already thought about it already, this has already been implemented; it is impossible to accomplish anything in a sector, which is already male-intensive.  Clear expressions, short but essential expressions and confident-approach. This is applicable not just for this sector but also for any male-dominated sector that I have been in before. When you enter business life, you will also wear a suit and act similar. Only after then, your acceptance period shortens. This enables you to learn the dynamics of that world and adapt to it.

UNDP Turkey: We listened to Zeliha Zilleli Ünal. She is invited to the Dynamics 2016 Congress organized by the Istanbul Project Management Association. She will share their experience ‘’ Energy Efficiency in Industry’’ and implementation examples of importance of public relations in project management in the congress with her project colleagues. Zeliha Zilleli Ünal, who is a pioneer and activist woman, expresses her biggest motivation resource:

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal (17:37- 19:20): I have 2 daughters. My biggest motivation is to be a role model and an example to my daughters and to the women around me. I finished my master’s thesis during maternity leave for my second daughter and my motivation was to show them that their mother leave anything unfinished. I came back and delivered my thesis, and my defense. My biggest motivation is to be a role model, even in my toughest times. Both to my daughter and to the community that I belong to. Every women discover of their own talents and power inside them easier when there is a presence of a strong woman around them. With her guidance, orientation and her motivation; this becomes more meaningful. I experienced this in my own life, I am grateful in that sense. This, is a flag for me. What triggers me, is to deliver this flag to other women around me and be an example. This is a mission which makes me to do well every second day. I am grateful if I accomplished this so far.

UNDP Turkey: We have come to end of the episode of New Horizons with the words of Zeliha Zilleli Ünal. In this episode, we heard the story of a pioneer woman working for increasing energy efficieny in a male-dominated sector. This program has been recorded at the studio of Yodiviki in İstanbul. You can follow our program on FM frequency in İstanbul, on Açık Radyo (Open Radio) on Internet, on university radios in our broadcasting network, on iTunes, Soundcloud, TuneIn, Pure Connect, Yodiviki, Audioboo and TTNET Müzik in podcast format, and also on tr.undp.org. Our user name for social media is undpturkiye. Hope to see you soon, good-bye!














Energy Efficiency in industry and gender equality

Zeliha Zilleli Ünal, Consultant, Aeagean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO)